Just Pure Essentials

Premium Organic Skincare for Healthy Skin and Bodies

We are 100% committed to your health and well being.

Just Pure Essentials is “Truly Good For You Inside and Out”

What you put on your skin, absorbs into the blood stream and circulates the body. So, it better be good enough to eat…Right?

We at Just Pure Essentials follow a very strict protocol when it comes to making any decisions. Whether it be about our products, business or service, we always consider;

Products and Service You Can Trust

Is it good for us, our families, and our customers and their families?

Is it good for the environment, our communities and the planet?

We promise that all of our skincare ingredients meet our checklist of strict guidelines:

  1. 100% edible/safe to ingest.
  2. Plant Based and or from the earth.
  3. Certified Organic, Non GMO, Supplement grade or wild-crafted.
  4. Chemical and preservative free. Nothing artificial.
  5. No cheap ingredients or fillers.
  6. Sophisticated, rich and silky, not greasy.
  7. Based on ancient Ayurvedic Principles.
  8. Suited for Vegan, Paleo and Healthy Living Lifestyles.
  9. No animal testing or animal by products.
  10. No phytoestrogens, parabens or benzoates.
  11. No corn, wheat or soy.
  12. Responsibly sourced.
  13. Hypoallergenic. No major allergens.
  14. No alcohol or sodium derived ingredients.
  15. Made fresh in small batches.
  16. Effective, yet gentle for very sensitive skin and bodies.
  17. Safe to use on or around children.

Our packaging must be:

  1. Recyclable and recycled
  2. BPA free
  3. FSC certified, sustainably/ responsibly grown paper

We are working on the offers at the moment.

Please come back later to check the details and avail the offers. We appreciate your interest and would love to hear from you in case you have a specific request.