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The Importance Of Going Green In Your Beauty Routine

Nature Already Provides Everything We Need

In a nutshell, there are two very important reasons for choosing to ‘go green’ with your skincare.

1. Better for your body

2. Better for the planet

But let’s explore that a little deeper…

We at Just Pure Essentials believe that we have a responsibility to share the knowledge we have accumulated  through hours and hours of research and experience, not coming from a place of fear, but with education, so you can make the choice. It is proven time and time again that all living things flourish with elements straight from the earth, as it has evolved with, for millions of years. The human body is an extremely complicated physical system of molecules and processes, actions and reactions, that works harmoniously and miraculously with the environment in which it evolved.


But with some of the conveniences ‘modern science’ has presented, we are now damaging our bodies with a constant bombardment of foreign substances that creates a toxic burden that our immune systems, liver and lymph glands are having trouble cleaning up. The facts are disconcerting, that we women wind up putting on average 168 DIFFERENT CHEMICALS on our bodies every day with our shampoos, conditioners, makeup, nail polish, hairsprays, moisturizers and cleansers. Men are a little simpler in their personal care routine, but are equally exposed to many of the same chemicals. 

We NOW know for a fact that what we put ON our bodies gets absorbed into the skin and into the blood stream. This is how topical hormones and other topical medications are transdermally administered. This means that what we are putting on our skin is absorbing into the bloodstream, unprotected from the digestive system, and this filters through our organs and tissues, heart, brain, liver and lymph glands. It is the duty of our immune system to identify, attack and disarm these antigens. By using skincare products containing chemicals and preservatives, which can be just as irritating and drying to the skin, we are adding to our toxic load and putting undue stress on our immune systems which can lead to eventual possibilities of imbalance, illness, allergies, sensitivities, and worse. When you have an allergic reaction, your body is telling you that not only is something bothering your system, but that it can’t handle it effectively. In a way this is a blessing and a warning sign that we need to honestly take a look at what that substance or substances are, and eliminate it from our daily routine.

This toxic burden on our already taxed immune systems needs to be acknowledged. Unfortunately, there are more than enough chemicals in our environment; the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Ad on top of that the products we put ON our bodies and we should be aware of the burden we are putting on our immune systems, to handle and remove these toxins. If it doesn’t get eliminated from our bodies, it gets stored in our tissues. And we really don’t know how this affects us long term, and each person handles it differently. Human beings have evolved with the earth and its natural elements for millions of years successfully, but we have only been exposed to the amount of toxic chemicals we are currently putting on our bodies for a few decades- but you have to decide- do you want to take that unnecessary risk of seeing if and when it is going to make you unwell?

Preservatives, too, are not as innocent as they sound. They work by creating an environment that kills or inhibits bacteria and molds from growing in the product. These are usually sodium or alcohol based and just as irritating and drying to the skin as other man-made chemicals that used to cause a reaction in the skin for a perceived benefit.

We should not only be counting calories, but counting chemicals!

We need to become label readers. Too many companies claim their products are ‘natural’ or they boast one or a couple natural ingredients on the front of the product, but if you actually turn the box around and read the ingredient deck, you will often be very unhappily surprised to see that the product is not as clean as it claims it is.

The other side of the coin is the problems that the manufacturing and creation of these chemicals and chemical laden products causes for the environment, nature and the planet as a whole. A huge majority of these ‘chemicals’ are labeled TOXIC WASTE and must be handled with protection, and disposed of properly, which means they are packaged up and sent to the dump to rot in the landfill. A LOT of these substances are NOT packed up properly and are improperly disposed of. A lot of them wind up in the soil and find their way into our water sources (if not even intentionally dumped into rivers). And a lot of these substances are toxic to wildlife and plants, harming the environment, and worse yet, many do not break down and remain active and harmful for many years to come. This alone is a compelling reason to stop purchasing products that are harmful to the environment. Once created, were do they go? On our bodies, in our homes, in the landfills?…

This is why we created Just Pure Essentials, a personal care brand that can be trusted to be continuously chemical and preservative free, all natural, non GMO and Organic; that helps promote healthy vibrant skin and bodies, gentle and effective, safe for the earth. And there are many other companies out there doing good work; staying true to their mission and offering the public healthier alternatives to popular products. What can you do? Companies like us continue to exist by selling products and reinvesting the profits back into overhead, product development and charitable causes. You love our products? Supporting us by purchasing our products and spreading the word will keep us gratefully supporting you and your families for years to come.

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