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Being Authentic and Making a Real Difference

This Is Our Story…

With the world becoming ever more complicated, fast paced, industrialized, and financially driven, we seem to be drifting farther away from who we really are and where we came from…

Just Pure Essentials was created for me and you, your families and the earth, to bring to the consumer market healthy alternatives for your daily personal and household needs. It was created to be a brand that is honest, straightforward, transparent and can be trusted to have the customer’s and the earth’s best interests in mind. It was created to research, develop and bring to market the best, most healthful products that are both effective and gentle, and a pleasure to use.


The company’s simple mission statement ‘good for you inside and out’ is a testament to the commitment and dedication that the founders, Laura Stearn and Michael Wieters, and all of us at Just Pure Essentials invest into all our products. We care.


Whatever the product is, and however it is used, if it goes on the body it better be good enough to eat and good for the body too (as well as good for the earth!).


We are now all aware that what is in our environment and applied to our skin gets absorbed into the body in a multitude of ways that directly affects our health and longevity.


Countless hours of research, working with top physicians, chemists and advisors in the arenas of health, medicine, and business, and lengthy testing go into creating the best, holistically all natural products for Just Pure Essentials. Our products are not only effective and provide convenience for the modern lifestyle, but are gentle and actually have beneficial health and nutritional properties for the body- not just what is trendy or financially viable in the current market. Our products are meant to transcend time; bringing ancient wisdom back into the modern day manufacturing process and formulas.


All of Just Pure Essentials’ products are manufactured at USDA certified organic laboratories and production facilities here in the U.S. to properly handle, process and maintain integrity of all of our top quality Certified Organic ingredients, ensuring that our beautiful products are consistently and impeccably clean.


Just Pure Essentials products are created for you, the customer to both use and enjoy for your personal needs and also to use as tools for creating an independent  business of your own. We want to put the power back in your hands to make good decisions for yourself and your families and have good options available to you.


With support from us, here at Just Pure Essentials, we hope to inspire you to live a JustPure Essentials and attain your life’s goals; whether that be improved health, cleaner beauty, a safer environment, improving your community, helping others, living your life and career on your terms and your schedule, and/or gaining financial freedom.


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