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Meet the Visionaries Behind Just Pure Essentials

The Human Soul is Always Happiest When it is Connected to its Original Source, Nature.

We built this company for YOU, the customer, and YOU, our distributors, in order to help make the world a better place. To be properly introduced to Just Pure Essentials is to learn about the individuals who had the unique vision to start it in the first place. Years of industry experience, business acumen and relentless drive led Laura Stearn to create Just Pure Essentials.

Just Pure Essentials includes an innovative, dynamic, and experienced team dedicated to changing lives around the world through the introduction of unique, award winning products, hands on service and a rewarding independent business opportunity.


 Just Pure Essentials’ founders, Laura Stearn and Michael Wieters have pooled together their extensive variety of talents, experience and their flat out passion for health and nutrition to create Just Pure Essentials for you.


Laura, CEO and product designer of the company, has a BA from Parsons School of Design in Paris, France and spent many years working in the fast paced fashion industry in Paris, Milan, Rome, Los Angeles and Orange County. She has run her own companies in the fashion and women’s health industries for the past 20+ years in both the wholesale and retail arenas, working with clients as varied as Nordstrom department stores to Hollywood celebrities. Growing up in a family full of various arenas of healthcare practitioners, Laura has always been exposed to and interested in all aspects of health. Her tireless passion to find answers to make her life, and others, better is the driving force behind all Just Pure Essentials’ endeavors.

Michael, CFO, has been for the past 20+ years CFO and Vice President of his own multi-million dollar international construction companies, Site Development Studios and Waterstone International, that specialize in water features and natural outdoor environments for top notch clients such as Trump International, St Regis and a myriad of A-list Hollywood celebrities.

Reaching middle age together, and now grandparents (really!), they have realized that good health, a youthful appearance and a long life is not to be taken for granted, but consistently earned. They decided to take their ‘higher education’ in health and nutrition into their own hands and blaze their own trail for others to follow.

Both Laura and Michael continually strive to be the best they can be and make the best life they can for themselves and those around them in all areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, enriching their relationship and that of those whose lives they touch. For them, the key is education and passing on this knowledge that they have acquired over countless years of scientific research and personal development. They realize that helping others to in turn help others, is of the utmost importance to perpetuate a positive influence on generations to come.

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