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Some Answers to Your FAQs on Our Products

Here are answers to some of your questions. If you ever need any further assistance or have a question we haven’t yet answered, please email us and let us know! [email protected]

Our best products to help minimize breakouts and the time it takes to heal are POLISH, our herbal mud scrub, and BALANCE, our clarifying astringent moisturizing oil. For more information on those products and how to use them see the products in our SHOP or read here about our products and how to use them Suggested Skin Care Regimen- DAILY USE.pdf

Our favorites for dry, dull, mature skin are ENRICH Multi-Vitamin Serum for deep nourishment and daily moisturizing, REVIVE Cleansing Brightening Moisturizing Skin Renewal Serum to remove the top layer of dead skin, freshen the complexion and lighten sunspots and age spots, POLISH Herbal Mud Scrub to exfoliate off the dead skin so our moisturizers can better penetrate and PROTECT Deep Conditioning Butter for dry, chapped skin (rich yet doesn’t clog pores and can be used on the face as an overnight mask to seal in the moisture and nutrients from our other delicious products while you sleep!) Try one or try them all. You won’t be disappointed! Read more about how our products can be used after Dermatologist laser and chemical peels to help soothe raw skin and heal quicker Suggested Skin Care Regimen- REPAIR AFTER CARE.pdf

We are masters at suing the right ingredients, blending and infusing. Our use of Coconut MCT oil helps preserve the integrity of the other oils and greatly slow down any oxidation process. That, along with the use of anti-oxidant herbs, essential oils and vitamins, works synergistically to preserve our formulas all by themselves. The majority of our products have a 10+ year shelf life and are labeled with a 36 month open jar symbol for a best suggested use by date. A few have shorter shelf lives and should be used up within the time labeled. We also manufacture in small batches, by hand, to ensure the best quality and freshness delivered to you.

Yes. All of our ingredients have been carefully selected to be gentle, hypoallergenic, free of all major allergens (like dairy, wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, chemicals, alcohol), gluten free, non-GMO, USDA Organic Certified wherever possible (over 85% of our ingredients are Organic, the rest are sustainably sourced, wildcrafted or supplement grade). Our products are preferred by many people with immune conditions, multiple allergies and sensitivities, cancer survivors and those who just want ultra-clean products for their bodies.

Yes. We do not use any gluten containing ingredients in the first place. We use USDA Certified Organic Personal Care production facilities that follow very strict manufacturing protocols and processes to ensure no cross contamination with anything that is not the exact Just Pure Essentials formula they are currently working on.

Yes. We use only 100% plant and earth based ingredients. We also take it one step further than just Vegan guidelines as we do not use any ingredient that is not edible or safe to ingest and we do not use any chemicals or preservatives at all.

There are many meanings for the word organic (and natural). We use only 100% organic matter ingredients coming direct from plants and the earth. Of all of our ingredients, about 85% of them are USDA Certified Organic. The rest of our ingredients are either supplement grade (where Organic certification is not possible because it doesn’t yet exist), wildcrafted, sustainable farmed and or sourced and 100% of our ingredients are Non-GMO. We are constantly sourcing and looking for the best and better ingredients available on the market where and whenever possible.

We are still a small company. Certifications for what we are already committed and proving to do by ourselves (because we care and follow our own ultra-strict policies) are just an extra, extremely costly expense at this point. We prefer to put that money into the quality of our products, keeping the retail cost down for the customer and higher commission payments for our distributors and sales representatives. At a certain point, when it is feasible and does not force us to raise our prices, we will start to officially certify our products in various categories. But we do not need a Certifier to tell us what we need to do. We already know and do it all by ourselves.

JUST Love is an amazing Multi-purpose all natural edible sensual pleasure, massage oil and moisturizer that is great for the skin; great for moisturizing, massage, intimate massage, moisturizing for feminine health and hygiene, soothing vaginal,not only ultra pleasurable, long lasting and super delicious, but it is also actually good for you, your body and your overall health and wellness. We have dedicated the making of our products to the most sensitive and discerning individuals who expect only the best, most natural food derived ingredients with the utmost maximum performance. Each and every formula has been created to allow you that blissful escape to a romantic getaway, a desired vacation in another part of the world right in your own bedroom.

JUST Love is an award winning, true All In One product. Created on purpose to be a great moisturizer for sensitive skin and bodies, it can be used any where, any how on the body, including as a simple moisturizer for hands and face. JUST Love was developed with top women’s health physicians and OBGYNs for women and couples to use for all intimate needs. JUST Love enriches intimacy and the feelings of sensual pleasure with your partner and helps protect and heal delicate, sensitive skin. You can also use Just Love as a sensual massage oil for those wonderfully sensitive areas, a daily skin moisturizer for delicate skin and vaginal dryness, an intimate glide for seductive slipperiness and definitely use it for amazing oral pleasure and kissing as it is especially delicious and pleasurable for both partners!

This depends on preference, need, surface to cover and use. You will find that two complete pumps from the bottle will cover quite a bit as a little goes a long way compared to other oils and water based lotions and lubricants. Very dry skin will absorb more, quicker, and require a larger or a second application. Experiment and see how it works for you. A rule of thumb is the more you apply, the more slippery and pleasurable the experience.

JUST Love does not need to be washed off after use as it is not sticky or flaky and contains absolutely zero chemicals or preservatives. JUST Love will naturally melt into your skin, and will not stain sheets or clothing. So take that mini vacation in the bedroom and enjoy yourselves wildly, feeling confident about making the best healthy lifestyle choices for yourself and your loved one.

We believe firmly that if a skin care product is going to be used on and in your body- it better be good enough to eat right out of the bottle! Each and every element of Just Love has been very carefully selected for what it brings to the formula. For our main ingredient, the base of the formula, we use the purest coconut MCT (Medium-chain Triglyceride) oil which is directly extracted from cold expeller pressed non GMO virgin coconut oil by a steam distillation process. Coconut oil in general and in its purest form, MCT oil, has exploded onto the health and nutrition scene as the most healthful oil yet discovered to be used internally or externally. Its unique properties include being antimicrobial in nature, having fat burning and anti-oxidative properties, can help heal wounds and skin irritations and is the only vegetable oil that can be absorbed through cell walls into the skin, blood sugar reducing and fat loss promoting. Coconut oil has been declared good for your heart as it is a good cholesterol, good for your brain and nervous system, good for your intestinal tract and good for the skin. Coconut oil is uniquely special. It is one of very few oils found to be made up of medium-chain triglycerides, which is the most bio-available fatty acid that is needed for healthy cell membranes and stable to oxidative stress (which also makes it most ideal for consumption, heating & cooking). Coconut oil can also enhance physical performance, increase endurance, it supports your immune system, can kill Candida in vitro and suppresses the accumulation of body fat. MCT makes the best oil for use as a sensual massage oil for all sexual activities as it is long lasting, very slick, won’t clog pores or harbor bacteria, thin enough to maintain maximum feeling during intimacy, never sticky, can be used in water and using a little goes a really long way.

Good taste comes simply from great, natural, fresh ingredients. Our Coconut MCT Oil base blends perfectly with our other organic premium oils and botanical ingredients. Each and every ingredient we use, like our Green Tea seed oil, French Plum oil, Argan, and Marshmallow leaf, is chosen for its amazing anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, skin soothing and skin healing properties, taste, feel and moisturizing abilities. There are absolutely zero chemicals or preservatives in our products. No dyes, perfumes or artificial flavors. Our great tasting natural flavors are certified USDA organic from 100% vegetable sources with no sugar added. Our proprietary blend is downright tasty and another great reason why we chose to be the first company to use coconut MCT oil and other premium ingredients for our intimate line of products. Our label ‘Original Unflavored’ has its own incredible sweetness naturally derived from fruit oils and extracts with nothing else added and is perfect for the extra sensitive person who has extremely special dietary and cosmetic restrictions.

It is the presence of water that causes the growth of bacteria and fungi. Our JUST Love formula contains no water or cheap fillers. Our ingredients are pure premium oils infused with dried herbs and prepared specially in a professional lab under strict guidelines, safety practices and quality control. The nature of Coconut MCT oil is bacteriostatic, meaning that bacteria can not grow or spread in MCT oil or other pure oils. Pure MCT oil is an incredibly stable element under so many environmental variables and is known to have an extremely long shelf life, well beyond the limit of the FDA label of 3 years. Preservatives can cause immune responses and irritations in individuals and so much is still unknown of the effects of preservatives on the body in the long run. At Just Pure Essentials, we work hard at developing exquisite products that utilize pure, natural solutions for everyday products. We insist that our products, ‘Are truly good for you, inside and out’, and consistently choose the utmost best ingredients available in the world that are the best for you and your body.

JUST Love is made only with PREMIUM ingredients. All of our oils and herbs are specially selected from around the world for their incredible health benefits and moisturizing properties. There is zero water or cheap fillers added so what you are purchasing is pure premium product. The amazing texture and durability of our ingredients gives our formula incredible slip and glide. A little really goes a long way and does not need to be reapplied as much or many times as with a cheaper oil or water based product. In that way it is more similar in feel and quality to a silicone product, but way better for you than silicone as it is 100% natural, will not clog pores and your skin cells can absorb it and convert it into usable energy. And most importantly, JUST Love is WAY better and healthier for you to use in those delicate intimate and internal areas of the body!

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