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Customer Testimonials ~

“I recently came across an article saying that a woman absorbs 5 lbs of chemicals a year just from make up. Imagine how much is added to that from synthetic skin care! As a Kambo practitioner helping people detox on a daily basis, seeing all the weird stuff people are storing in their bodies, I’m very particular about what I put in and on my body and I must say that Just Pure Essentials is just that, PURE.  Natural ingredients, essentials oils. The way its supposed to be!!! Very happy I found this and my skin is very happy too!”

~Natascha Berg, Actress, Kambo Practitioner. Malibu, CA


“Its not everyday you find beauty products that you love. I’ve tried a lot of skincare brands; high end brands, department store, organic brands…. the list goes on! I was introduced to Just Pure skincare from my beautiful friend Adriana who was so sweet to share these amazing products with me.
Let me start off by saying I LOVE THIS LINE but there are two show stoppers that stood out to me that I truly fell in LOVE with.
The first love for me is ENRICH. I absolutely love the healthy glow and how it HYDRATES and makes my skin feel & smell AMAZING!! Second love for me is the PROTECT. Let me just say that it is the BEST body butter I’ve ever tried, and yes I’ve tried a lot! I keep this little GEM in my purse so I can use it throughout the day. When you use it it instantly MELTS right into your skin leaving your skin feeling very hydrated and SMOOTH!! Thank you Just Pure for making such an amazing skincare line that everyone can enjoy and see results with all natural ingredients & for making such an affordable beauty routine for us all that are very reasonably priced. I’m looking forward to trying many more products from this line!!”
~Charity, Murrieta, CA


“JPE Facial Oils are hands down the BEST facial oil I have ever tried! And I feel like I have tried them ALL- from Sunday Riley to La Mer, Khiels, Rodan & Fields, Herbivore Botanicals, Vinter’s Daughter, Goop and Frankincense. I saw results in just a few days with JPE and it smells and feels AMAZING! Its made of clean and pure ingredients which is very important. Pure options are absolutely superior, not just from a clean perspective, but because there is no improving on perfection- adding in extra ingredients often just dilutes the benefits of the base oils.”
~ Aivette, Baltimore, MD


“I have been using the Balance Moisturizing Oil for a month and I’m OBSESSED! This has been the most effective productive I have ever used for my face. I have oily & acne prone skin and have tried virtually everything on the market. This oil has helped to reduce the oil, acne & redness on my face. I use it twice daily – in the morning before putting on any makeup, and again in the evening to remove all my makeup. I stopped using all of my other toners, moisturizers, etc. because of how wonderful this leaves my face feeling. Not only is this product amazing for my face, but I am also in love with the founder! I got to meet her in person and shared some of my struggles with having acne/other skin sensitivities.. and I just LOVE all that she stands for! Pure, simple, honest ingredients. I will definitely be buying more products in the future. THANK YOU!!”
~Sarah P, California


“Just these past 4 days of using my JPE products and my skin feels AMAZING. My skin was very irritated and sensitized. I can now feel my skin being healed. Even my hormonal breakouts are not as inflamed. Thanks Sandra so much for the recomendation!”


“I am over the moon about the integrity and thoughtfulness put into every ingredient by Laura Stearn. This is plant based brilliance! I am so excited to find this line! Thank you Christy Funk for introducing me!”
~Linda P, Carlsbad, CA


“I had a dermatological peel to remove sun damage on my face which left me in so much pain I was besides myself! My skin was so raw I didn’t know what to do and the products my doctor prescribed was making it worse and causing an allergic reaction! The next morning, the products I requested from Just Pure Essentials arrived and it was immediate relief the moment I put them on! The sting and raw feeling went away. I peeled quickly and without discomfort. I continued to use all of the oils and my skin felt so good and is so soft, like never before. My doctor and the staff was in shock when they saw me at my next check up- I had healed in 1/2 the time and my skin looked like I was in my 20’s! Just Pure Essentials is my answer to my youthful appearance! I had used so many products in the past and nothing compares! The most wonderful thing is the products and kits are affordable! You don’t have to spend enormous amounts of money to have beautiful, healthy, younger looking skin. I am a mother and spokesperson for several charities and everyone that sees me is floored when they find out my real age. When they ask my magic potion, why my skin looks so great, I tell them I ‘feed’ my skin with Just Pure Essentials, the highest unique grade of oils in the world! They are the answer your skin needs to restore beauty and health. I love the results! Thank you Laura for my gift of love. I am ever so grateful to have discovered Just Pure Essentials!”
~Carlie Gintoli, Panama Beach, FL


“I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your products! Everything I have tried so far has been amazing and worked better than any other natural product I have tried from Whole Foods or different on-line vendors.”
~Kim C, Pennsylvania


“I want to say THANK YOU so much for your products. I am 46 years old and I love swimming. I swim everyday and find myself with skin irritations & rashes from the chemicals. Your oils have cleared up all of my issues! Not only that, but I have replaced ALL of my after bath lotions with your Soothe products. I am Vegan and it is also important that there be zero chemicals in or on my body. I always feel so clean after using your oils. What can I say, I’m in LOVE- my skin is overjoyed!!
~Franki D, Huntington Beach, CA


“I love ALL your products, I now have the entire line. There isn’t one that is mediocre!
~Customer, Mother’s Market, Costa Mesa, CA


“I got Cleanse & Protect and I am so pleased with these products. They really work. They feel terrific and go right into the skin and really moisturize. My skin just soaks them up! I’m 76 and I really needed help with my dry skin this winter. My face and hands feel so good now, no more dry tight itchy feeling. No more cracking chapping flakey skin! I’m coming back for the other products one by one.”
~Susan, Jimbo’s Naturally, Escondido, CA


” Yours are the first products I can say actually work! They do what they say. For the first time in years, I am getting so many compliments on how amazing my skin looks, how bright and fresh. I am so happy with your products!”
~Karen B, Organic Roots, Temecula, CA


“I want to say how great the Soothe products are. I use the Reveil as an after shave and moisturizer on my face after using my electric razor. My skin has never looked or felt better and my girlfriend says my skin is now so soft and smells wonderful. Thank you for creating such high quality products with integrity!”
~Justin, Customer Mothers Market Laguna Woods, CA


“I love the scrub. It’s really calmed down my Cystic acne breakouts. My skin feels smoother, calmer. I also love Cleanse as it takes off ALL my makeup so easily- including false eyelashes and heavy eye shadows and eyeliners”
~Rebecca C, Orange County, CA


“So excited to use the scrub. Started using Revive and I feel a change! My skin was so jacked for a few weeks now and I started using it on Tuesday, and it looks and feels different. Can definitely see that brightening thing working. When I use during the day I just place organic sunblock over it. Can’t wait to see long term!
~Customer, Pennsylvania


“I love your products. Every product you make is really wonderful. Very soothing to the skin. I use Protect for everything, even on sun burn, irritations, cuts and burns.”
~Casandra B, Jimbo’s Naturally, Horton PLaza, SD


” I love how SILKY all your products feel!They are amazing!! I am Latin and have oily skin but now need to take care of it as I get older. I love the natural
~Mary, Long Beach, CA


“I can’t tell you how much I LOVE all of your products. I am studying to become an Ayurvedic practitioner and so I am so thrilled to discover such a high quality, sophisticated skincare line with such amazing active herbal ingredients that really do what they say they can do. I am a huge advocate and tell everyone I know about your company and product lines.”
~Ayurveda Student & Supplement Manager Health Food Store, CA


“My girlfriend is obsessed with your Revive product for brightening. She can’t believe how well it really works and tells everyone about it. She has fair skin and is obsessed with keeping it that way”
~Employee, Lazy Acres, Santa Barbara, CA


” I bought Enrich for myself as a gift for Christmas and I LOVE it!! I will definitely be adding more of your products to my skincare routine!”
~Sharon, Lassens Goleta, CA


” I LOVE your Just Love massage oils! I’m pregnant and have been using them to massage my belly. My skin is so soft and supple and doesn’t feel tight or itchy!”
~Kristen, Lazy Acres Santa Barbara, CA


”I am obsessed with Polish! It works!! My face looks way better- no more breakouts, irritation, redness. I am SO happy! My friends are telling me how much better my skin looks!”
~Employee, Mothers Market, Brea, CA


“JPE is on a totally different vibration from other skincare companies. So pure, effective and by far superior!”
~Christy F, Makeup artist


“I LOVE your skincare products! I have Polish and Enrich and will be coming back for the other products one by one.’
~Customer, Mother’s Costa Mesa, CA


“Wow Enrich makes my skin feel AMAZING!! You definitely deserved that award!”
~Kathy D, Mother’s Market, CA


“I love these products. They are so nice!!! Enrich and Revive are my faves and I use Protect on my lips every night.”
~Customer, Rainbow Acres, Los Angeles


“Just Love are GREAT products! My boyfriend wanted to use something else that was YUCK! I said no way are you putting that toxic stuff on me and so the next day I went out and found Just Love for him to use with me instead. I believe, if I wouldn’t eat it, why would I want to put in in my body or on
my body either?”
~Customer, Mother’s Market Huntington Beach, CA


“This product (Just Pure Essentials’ POLISH) is AMAZING!! It is the best thing ever! I can’t believe how wonderful my skin looks and feels now since I have been using it. Everyone has been telling me how great my skin looks now. My skin is super sensitive with a tendency to break out and it has really tamed my redness and evened up my skin tone and texture.
~Employee Mother’s Market, Brea, CA


“My husband and I absolutely LOVE this product! It feels, taste and smells so good and has made our lovemaking sessions incredibly fun and pleasurable!”


“Wonderful product (Just Pure Essentials’ PROTECT). I’m amazed at how well it works on my hands. I work in construction and my hands get so rough and chapped. This really helps soften my hands and helps small cuts and scrapes heal quicker.”
~Customer, Lazy Acres Long Beach, CA


“This product is really fabulous. I got the Coconut. It tastes delicious and ‘does its job’!”
~Christine, Mother’s Market Santa Ana, CA


“I seriously love this product (Just Love). Really. I was introduced to it when I started working here and I was like yah, right I can use it for this and that…But it IS better than anything else…I use it for everything, literally.”
~Clerk, Mother’s Market Irvine, CA


“Really lovely product. I bought two for gifts for my friends back in England and they loved it, then I came home and bought another one for myself. “
~Susan R, Customer Lassen’s Natural Foods & Vitamins, Santa Barbara, CA

“I absolutely love ENRICH. I love the feel of it, the smell of it and how well it nourishes and moisturizes my skin better than anything else. I have tons of skin care products given to me all the time to try and use, but I always reach first for Just Pure Essentials’ products for my daily personal use.”
~Health and Beauty Department Manager, Natural Foods Store, CA


“Just Love can really be used how they say you can use it, for so many purposes. We use it together, as a moisturizer, on the kids for cleaning and diaper rash. It really is a great product with clean, simple, healthy ingredients!”
~Terrence, Father of 3, Lazy Acres Santa Barbara, CA


“My daughter gave me a bottle to use as an after shower moisturizing oil. I love it and love the (pineapple-coconut) scent.”
~Customer, Jimbo’s Horton Plaza


“I really love using Just Love as a facial cleansing and moisturizing oil. Its incredibly moisturizing, better than anything else I’ve tried. People now tell me my skin is glowing and I look so healthy!”
~Lauren, Lazy Acres Santa Barbara


“I love this product and so glad I discovered it! I am absolutely obsessed with my skin and love that I can use Just Love for everything, especially my face, and that it has all good ingredients, no chemicals of any kind.”
~Lisa G, Jimbo’s, Carlsbad


“I love this product. My best friend introduced me to it. it does wonders for my skin. It makes it so soft and gives it a nice glow.”
~Customer, Northern California


“Just Love is really a fantastic product. I use it for facial cleaning and moisturizing but I really love using it on my hands & cuticles after a long days work outside in the garden. It feels so good on my dry hands and I don’t get hangnails or cracks in my fingers anymore.”
~Nikki, Southern California


“This stuff is GREAT!!!”
~Jason, Customer at Mothers Market Irvine, CA


“Wonderful product! My girlfriend from Orange County gave me a bottle as a gift.”
~Customer, Lassen’s Ventura, CA


“I LOVE Just Love! I actually love it for shaving my legs. It leaves my skin feeling like butter! Excellent product!”
~Nicole S, Huntington Beach, CA


“I love love LOVE this product. It is SO nice and the ingredients are so beautiful!”
~Customer, Jimbos 4S ranch, CA


“EXCELLENT product!”
~Anonymous male customer, Jimbo’s Escondido, CA


“OK, I have to brag that my husband and I have an incredible sex life now that we discovered Just Love. Everything feels GOOD and I no longer stressed out about dryness or discomfort! THANK YOU!!!


“I couldn’t imagine living without it. I use it for all my skin care needs and it works better than anything else I have tried- even expensive name brand products (that I wasted my money on).”


“I love this product. I use it ALL the time for so many purposes. I have the Coconut and the Cinnamon and will try the Citrus next!”
~Barbara, Mother’s Market Anahiem Hills, CA


“I absolutely LOVE this product!! I love that its made for women, for women’s sexual health, with women in mind. Most sexual products are made for men and a man’s pleasure. So happy there is now a product that is gentle, healthy and enjoyable. I use it all the time and recommend it to all my customers!”
~Sales clerk Vitamin Department Mother’s Market, Costa Mesa, CA


“All I need is Just Love and a vibrator and I am GOOD (with or without my husband) LOL! :)”


“We are so happy with Just Love. We really hated to use other products- especially water based products as they dry up, get sticky and are pretty gross feeling and then you want to get out of bed and wash it off right away. Just Love is fantastic really, in every way. I don’t feel like there is anything artificial between me and my partner.”
~Vitamins Plus customer, Texas

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