Just Pure Essentials

Premium Organic Skincare for Healthy Skin and Bodies


JUST PURE ESSENTIALS – Premium, Organic Skincare

Our beautiful ALL IN ONE series of premium face and body care products have been artfully crafted, blending pure exotic plant oils infused with whole medicinal herbs, an ancient Ayurvedic healing practice.

In a hot room for two weeks, our oils thoroughly absorb the plant vitamins, minerals and nutrients, giving all our unique products their exceptional skin soothing and moisturizing properties which leave your skin wonderfully soft, nourished, with a healthy, vibrant glow.

Each Just Pure Essentials product can be used alone as a multi-purpose ‘one-step’ for simple daily skin care or in conjunction with other luxurious JPE skin care products for additional and specific uses and benefits.

Formulated with the Utmost Care

All of Just Pure Essentials’ products are 100% plant based, formulated by hand in small batches using
only the purest herbs, butters, clays and premium oils. Our formulas are created for even the most sensitive skin and bodies of all ages, including individuals with multiple allergies, autoimmune conditions and survivors of major health challenges. Our company is committed to researching and
using only the best, healthiest ingredients from around the world, ensuring our promise to you:
“Truly Good For You Inside and Out”

Just Pure Products Are Always…

  1. 100% pure, premium edible plant ingredients for healthy skin
  2. Based on Ayurvedic, Vegan and Healthy Living Principles
  3. Gentle, hypoallergenic formulas for sensitive skin & bodies
  4. Organic Certified ingredients always whenever available
  5. No chemicals, preservatives, parabens, alcohols, benzoates
  6. No water, cheap oils, fillers, artificial fragrances or colors
  7. Non-GMO. Gluten Free. No dairy, wheat, corn or soy
  8. Won’t go rancid like other oils. Made fresh in small batches
  9. Not tested on animals. No animal by products
  10. Recyclable BPA Free bottles. Paper FSC sourced responsibly

Every Day Care for Youthful Glowing Skin and a Healthy, Happy Body

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