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Are You, Your Friends & Family or Your Customers or Patients Looking For Cleaner, Better Personal Care Products?

Together We can Make the World A Better Place

Now You Can Give Them What They Want. They Will Appreciate The Referral, And You Will Have Something To Offer And Be Rewarded For The Sale

Are you a Retail Store, Health Practitioner, Esthetician, Dermatologist, Day Spa, Natural Health Store, Health Coach, in the Hospitality Business or an independent contractor that would be interested in re-selling Just Pure Essentials products? If so, we are happy to partner with you and we have set up a special program just for your business.

If you are in the medical or health industry, there is no one better to represent and present our beautiful products than you, a professional who already understands and has the knowledge and passion about their customers’ health and well being and wants to help them and offer the best product choices for their needs. 

A partnership with Just Pure Essentials, as a Professional Affiliate, can offer your business a unique opportunity to*:

  1. Expand your retail product offerings to your customers and patients without stocking a lot of costly inventory
  2. Help solve your customers’ demands for cleaner, healthier, gentle products that are sophisticated and luxurious, yet affordable
  3. Stock only the product you want in your office or store for cash and carry sales. Use our warehouse to drop ship direct to your customers when they want.
  4. Have the ability to sell product even when you are offices or shop is closed. Increase your gross revenue 365 days a year 24/7 when your customers order from our Just Pure Essentials Website with your unique Coupon Code.
  5. Purchase in bulk for greater discounts.

*See our JustPure Essentials Compensation Plan menu tab and chart for more detailed information on our Affiliate Program
Or are you someone who is passionate about skincare, health and helping others and would like to create a natural skincare business or make money reselling ultra clean skincare?

You don’t already have to be a business owner or a professional to work with us. With a minimal investment inJust Pure products that you can use for yourself, we will train you on how you can have your own JUSTPURE Essentials business to run how you see fit.

Use our brand, our products, our investment in research and development, our  marketing, our inventory, our website and shopping cart, our technology, our reputation and our proven business model at no extra expense. There are no monthly fees, no monthly minimums, no autoships. Just purchase what you want, when you want, at wholesale pricing and resell it as you wish.

Join us and be part of something SPECIAL!

A partnership with us as an Individual Affiliate, can offer you a unique opportunity to create a Just Pure Essentials business with:

  1. A generous rewarding compensation plan and deep wholesale discounts
  2. Products people fall in love with and need everyday
  3. A proven business model that works for everyone

Its really simple…

  1. Contact us directly to request an Affiliate account with us at [email protected]
  2. Choose at least $400 worth of products and marketing materials you would like to order from our website at 50% off retail ($200 cost) so you have some tools to work with and will help you get educated about our company and products.
  3. Upon your registration and opening order, you will receive a unique Coupon Code that will give you special Affiliate wholesale pricing at 50% off retail for all future orders, and you will also receive another unique Coupon Code to give to your customers which will give your customers a 10% discount on all their purchases and will categorize their purchases to your Affiliate account.
  4. Purchase any time the product you want to have on hand in inventory for your cash and carry customers and your personal use.
  5. Make appointments to see potential customers to introduce them to Just Pure Essentials and be able to try out the products you have on hand; individuals, professionals and small businesses- one on one, in small groups, at home parties, in office, or at a public or community event.
  6. Present and sell product either by selling cash and carry what you have on hand, or helping your customers place orders on line.
  7.  Follow up with great customer service. Treat your customers like you would your best friend. Check in with them periodically to see if you can answer questions or help them place a reorder.

That’s it! …Simple and straightforward!

You may have an ‘independent’ business with us, but you are not ever alone! We are here for you every step of the way with information, training videos, marketing materials and live support! Let us know how we can help you or if you have any questions!

[email protected]

We are working on the offers at the moment.

Please come back later to check the details and avail the offers. We appreciate your interest and would love to hear from you in case you have a specific request.